Laparoscopy….Not just for people anymore

Laparoscopic surgery has gained huge popularity as a minimally-invasive surgery in the world of human medicine. It is now considered the gold standard for many procedures in human surgery. Many people have had a laparoscopic procedure themselves or know someone who has. Gallbladder removal, appendectomies and many different abdominal surgeries are now performed this way. This minimally invasive technique has now moved over into the veterinary world. At Moira Veterinary Clinic, we are the only clinic in Belleville that is offering laparoscopic procedures.

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy involves making a very small incision and inserting a camera into the abdominal cavity. The abdomen is then filled up with carbon dioxide (a safe, absorbable gas) to increase visibility of all the organs in the abdomen. The images are magnified and viewed on a monitor in the surgery suite. Organs can be easily examined, and if need be, biopsies can be taken. With some procedures no extra incisions may be needed. Even if additional entries or ports are needed they are only one-quarter to one-half inch incisions.


So, how does this affect my pet?

So, what is the big excitement about this advance moving into the veterinary world? Very small incisions decrease postoperative pain, risk of infection, and speed recovery time. Where a traditional incision to do a liver biopsy would be at least six inches on a 40-50 pound dog, a half-inch incision can give you excellent visualization of the abdomen and multiple liver biopsies. The camera has magnification so that even the tiniest amount of bleeding can be observed and monitored post-biopsy.


Moira Veterinary Clinic

Moira Veterinary Clinic is pleased to be the only clinic in the Quinte area to offer our patients this advanced surgical technique. Dr. Tummon and the staff at Moira Veterinary Clinic are happy to answer any questions you may have about laparoscopy or any other service we offer.

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